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Stair Runners

Custom carpet runners are an option for any space and are known as stair runners. Stair and hallway runners are woven or manufactured rugs which are manufactured on a roll. Because of this manufacturing process, stair runners can be made to your specified length. Perfect for your home or office stairs or hallway, these runners come in a variety of designs, colors and patterns.

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stairs and staircases

Custom Made

Accent Hardwood Flooring can create your own unique look for your home with differing types of custom stairs and staircases. Designs range from quality specialty brand staircases to completely custom-built unique stairs to be the focal point of your entryway or foyer. We offer custom floating stairs, full-wrap metal and wood stairs for your home, office or building. Additionally, we also offer spiral staircases and high-step staircases as a custom build for your space.

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Straight Staircases
Quarter-Turn Staircase Diagram
Half-Turn Staircase
Three-Quarter Turn
180° Turn Switchback Staircase
Circular Staircase Diagram
Spiral Staircase
Winding or Curved Staircase
Bifurcated Staircase

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Stair Refinishing
Stairways which have seen high-traffic and industrial use can also be refinished for a fresh look. Our professional craftsmen and women can refinish, repair and recoat stairways in your home or office.
If you’re looking for a new look to your existing staircase, adding texture to your existing stair flooring is a great option! You can choose from many different texture patterns for your existing staircase including:

an excellent look and feel for your more modern rooms


ideal for eclectic designs that pull in modern and traditional elements


for a look that’s cottage-inspired, eclectic, and filled with character


an elegant, subtle look that is well-suited for transitional design

Bandsaw faced

choose the type of bandsaw face pattern with columned marks or circular saw marks to create your unique look


wonderful compliment to the vintage or industrial space

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