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Luxury Flooring

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Luxury flooring is high-quality flooring which can be used in a variety of areas. From home to commercial use, luxury flooring can be especially cost-effective and bring beauty to your home or office space for years to come.

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Beautiful luxury flooring
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Reclaimed hardwood
French Oak Hardwood
Hand Scraped Hardwood
Exotic Hardwood
Wool Carpeting
Travertine Tile
High End Porcelain Tile
Luxury Vinyl Tile

luxury vinyl


Luxury vinyl plank, LVP is affordable, waterproof, faux wood flooring option which brings warmth and texture to your floor. LVP is installed with peel-and-stick, glue-down, or click-together installation and can be ready to use in a short amount of time. LVP is extremely durable and is a great choice for homes with children and pets. Additionally, LVP is resistant to damage and will not have to be refinished over time like traditional hardwood flooring.

luxury vinyl

Tile & Plank

LVP is Luxury Vinyl Plank and LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile. Luxury Vinyl Plank gives the look of wood planks without using hardwood flooring. Luxury Vinyl Tile gives the look of tile or natural stone. LVT are individual pieces of vinyl and look very similar to real tile or stone. LVT flooring is easily cleaned by sweeping or vacuum and spills can be wiped right away. LVT flooring can also be cleaned by using a damp mop water.


of installing luxury flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are an affordable alternative to other flooring products. Bringing luxury designs to your home for significantly lower prices. Luxury flooring is also highly durable as these products are manufactured from extremely robust materials which are built to withstand the pressures of a commercial environment such as excessive traffic, flame resistance and exposure to moisture.

LVT is versatile, hard wearing, and waterproof which provides excellent footing grip. LVT is perfect for high risk areas where practicality is a must. Additionally, LVT is beautiful and makes this flooring an ideal solution for dining and living rooms as well as commercial application.

Not only is LVT verstilte, this flooring is also sound proofing. LVT is significantly quieter to walk on compared to tile, wood and laminate. The innovative design of LVT flooring makes this type of flooring extremely difficult to differentiate from hardwood and tiled flooring. Design, texture and finish are similar to wood and tile. Bevelled edges add realism and additional feature strips enhance the detail of the design and eliminate the need for grouting.

luxury flooring

Styles &

From Mosaic to checked patterns , you can find a style, pattern and texture which suits your design space. LVT and LVP are particularly popular with contemporary stylists and designers. Stand out from the crowd and create your own unique flooring by mixing multiple tile shapes and colors to create unique statement pieces, guaranteed to earn admiration from your peers!


Green Standards

Many LVT designs are made from 100% vinyl which meet green building standards for commercial applications. When laying this flooring in your home or office you’re using a high quality product that’s built to last.

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