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With so many choices, choosing the right hardwood flooring can be difficult. Come into our showroom and explore an array of pre-finished high-end wood flooring options from quality brands, with exciting new colors and types of wood flooring to enrich and warm your home. From small apartments to luxury homes and large industrial spaces, wood flooring is a wonderful compliment to any space.

In addition to homes, wood flooring can be laid in different commercial spaces such as using wood flooring for gym floors, racquetball courts and rubber floors.

Once you find the perfect wood flooring for the look of your space, our professional installers will be happy to come to your home and add your new wood flooring to your space.

these are just some of the more popular

Types & Species of Wood Flooring

There are many species of hardwood flooring, there is no “one size fits all.” Depending on the look you want to achieve, the elements that are most important to you as well as your flooring budget can all be deciding factors in the type of wood you choose for your flooring. Understanding the characteristics of different species will help you select the ideal wood flooring for your home.

We proudly offer many high-quality brands of popular wood flooring
including Coretec, Fluent, Cascade, Happy Feet, Armstrong and Anderson.

Oak Hardwood Flooring

Oak is the most common type of hardwood in the United States and is more abundant and generally more cost effective which is why you’ll find this hardwood in many homes. most homes. The strong graining of oak hides scratches and divets better than most other hardwoods. Two types of oak can be used for hardwood flooring: red oak and white oak.

Maple Hardwood Flooring

Maple comes from Canada and the United States and has lighter graining for a smoother and sleeker look. More modern and contemporary than oak, maple is more of a classic and traditional look. Elements which elevate maple are the ability to achieve a  beautiful gray stain or whitewash finish for a beautiful wood floor.

Hickory Wood Flooring

Hickory is native to the United States and looks fairly similar to oak in color and graining, however, hickory is significantly harder than oak. Many types of hickory have a wide range of color variation, knotting and differences in wood color within the same wood board. Hickory is a great choice for busy households and households with pets because of the dense nature of this wood.

Bamboo Wood Flooring

The exotic nature and look of bamboo lends this wood to tropical and beach themed rooms. Because bamboo is imported from China, bamboo tends to have the greatest variation of wood pattern. Bamboo is sensitive to scratches, divots and water staining, this wood is a good option in low-traffic or lightly used areas.

Brazilian Cherry Wood Flooring

Brazilian Cherry is easy to gravitate towards because of this wood’s beautiful and rich deep red color, which darkens with age. Brazilian Cherry has smooth graining and is rather hard. Brazilian cherry has a large amount of color variation across the planks giving this wood a very rich character.

Brazilian Walnut Wood Flooring

Brazilian Walnut is also very rich looking and has similar smooth graining to Brazilian Cherry, except this wood’s color base is brown. Brazilian Walnut is often called Ipe or Lapacho and is one of the hardest hardwoods.

Pine Wood Flooring

Pine is on the softer side of the hardwoods. Being the softer of the hardwoods, pine tends to dent much easier than other hardwoods. The look and feel of pine can really brighten your home look and give a natural feel to your space.


Wood Floors

We offer a variety of custom wood flooring for your home. Choose from a beautiful array of styles, colors and types of wood to create your unique look. Accent Hardwood Flooring offers custom flooring including:

  • Exclusive custom wood stairs
  • Specialty wood borders and custom wood inlays
  • One-of-a-kind herringbone and chevron patterns
  • Gorgeous laser-etched inlays
  • Exceptional and unique pattern inlays
  • Large patterned wood flooring

texture wood faces and

wood flooring
Texture is an easy and beautiful way to add patterns to hardwood floors. Texture can be created on an existing wood floor, or you can purchase pre-finished texture faced products from high-quality brands we carry in our showroom.

Our handmade saw textures range from subtle to dramatic, and can either be done with a circular saw or bandsaw. The end product of this texture results in a special, aged look that’s similar to the look of reclaimed wood. We have products that are bandsawn with saw marks directly up and down on the planks, or circular sawn which gives the wood planks a unique look through arced markings.

choose from a variety of

gorgeous hardwood textures
and the design themes:

an excellent look and feel for your more modern rooms


ideal for eclectic designs that pull in modern and traditional elements


for a look that’s cottage-inspired, eclectic, and filled with character


an elegant, subtle look that is well-suited for transitional design

Bandsaw faced

choose the type of bandsaw face pattern with columned marks or circular saw marks to create your unique look


wonderful compliment to the vintage or industrial space

wood flooring


We offer a variety of custom wood flooring for your home. Choose from a beautiful array of styles, colors and types of wood to create your unique look.

Accent Hardwood Flooring offers custom flooring including:

  • Wood floor cleaning
  • Maintenance coats to keep your wood flooring looking its best
  • Sand and refinish existing wood floors
  • Repairs to existing wood flooring, flooring matching
  • Custom Wood Flooring Installation

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