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Accent Hardwood Floors carries high-end quality carpeting for your living room, bedroom, and family room. Find quality carpet to accent and beautify your living space in our showroom. We carry several different brands of the finest carpeting to give your home the luxury feel you’re looking for in flooring. Find wool carpeting, berber carpeting, and tall shag carpet to meet the look and feel you desire for your home.

The soft piles of carpeting is what makes carpeting so sought after in flooring. We carry superior quality brands in our carpeting including Hibernia, Karastan, Mohawk and Fabrica brands. Come in to our showroom today to see and feel the richness and extravagance these brands have to offer.

these are just some of the more popular

Types of Carpet Flooring

Wool Carpeting

Wool carpets are spun from sheep’s wool and modified into yarn. Wool carpeting’s best feature is its hypoallergenic and eco-friendly aspect. Additionally, wool carpeting is naturally stain-resistant and has a soft and natural texture which brings added warmth to your home.

The richness and warmth of wool carpeting is complimented by the advantage of the ability for this type of carpet to hide soil. Wool carpeting will not show dirt as wool is an opaque fiber. All natural wool carpeting is better and is the premium carpet choice for any home.

Berber Carpeting

Berber is a type of loop carpet. A loop carpet is constructed when yarn is sewn or tufted into the backing and left uncut on the surface. Blended Berber carpet is typically a blend of wool and nylon. Berber carpeting is a great choice for your home  good deal as berber carpeting offers the price of nylon with a soft opulent feel of wool carpeting. 

Quality Berber carpet comes in many different colors and usually with flecks of darker colors dispersed throughout the pattern of the carpet. Berber carpet has an easy, warm and casual look and is commonly used in family rooms and living rooms. Berber carpeting is easy to take care of and is wear-resistant and family-friendly carpeting. Use berber carpeting in areas of high-traffic where you want the look of high-quality, beautiful carpeting.

Berber carpeting has been available for over 30 years and is still a popular choice due to the look and wear of berber. The berbers of today have more types of textures,  patterns and colors to choose from. Modern berber has variations in height and sculptured effects that offer a bolder look to the carpet.

High Pile Carpeting

High pile carpeting, or shag rugs and carpeting refers to the carpet’s fabric loops. High pile carpeting is carpeting whose fibers are taller and looser than other carpeting. Shag carpeting and other types of high pile carpeting typically have a looser appearance and feel more fluffy when you walk on this type of carpet. High pile carpeting is a great addition to your home for adding warmth, softness and coziness to your space. Because the surface of high pile and shag carpeting is more fluffy than low pile carpeting, this type of carpet has added texture compared to other types of carpet.

Commercial Indoor Carpeting

for small businesses to large companies

Industrial and commercial carpeting can be used in a home, office or large industrial space. Commercial carpeting is perfect for heavy use or large traffic areas and spaces. With the highest durability and clean look, commercial carpeting can suit a variety of looks and spaces including rental homes, offices and high-traffic areas.

Commercial carpeting is made of mainly synthetic fibers. Many carpets used in commercial spaces and applications are Nylon, Olefin or Polypropylene and are constructed in loop, cut pile, broadloom or carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles are an easy way to add commercial grade carpeting over existing flooring or new on fresh slab concrete. Carpet tiles come in different patterns, textures and colors and can be added to rooms that can have heavy amounts of dirt from traffic.

Carpet Installation

in salt lake city and beyond

In addition to carrying high-quality and durable brands of carpeting, Accent Hardwood Flooring also services the installation of your carpet. We can carry-out a quality high-end specialty custom install to a one-room carpet install. Our highly-trained and expert rug technicians will take care and pride in the work they perform in your home.

Look to Accent Hardwood Flooring for great installation for your new custom stair runners, patterned carpet install and fitting of your new Fiberworks custom textured carpeting.


Rug Services

When you’re looking for a unique style for your home, trust Accent Hardwood Flooring to create beautiful one-of-a-kind area rugs and specialty Asian carpeting. We offer a wide array of specialty rugs including:

Specialty unique area rugs created from your existing rug

Extraordinary custom order Asian carpeting

Luxurious custom Persian rugs and woven Mave brand rugs

Create exceptional custom area rugs by recutting and binding rugs for specialty areas

Animal and Cow hide carpet creating unique animal skin rugs and area rugs for your home

rug & carpet

Repair Services

Accent Hardwood Flooring offers rug repair services for your current carpet as well as installation of new rugs.

Fix and glue down carpet squares

Correct and glue broadloom loops

Binding & Serging

your existing rug

Accent Hardwood Floors can also bind your existing rug to leather. Rug leathering, binding or serging is the process of binding a leather or vinyl strip under the free edges of the rug in order to provide additional support. The support keeps the edges of the rug from curling inwards and re-enforces the sides to provide protection against wear and tear. Binding and serging techniques prevent rugs and runners from rolling up on the edges. These techniques are useful to add function and style to your home decor.

There’s differences between binding and serging carpeting. A serged edge is a continuous wrap of yarn that wraps around the edge of a rug. High-end mills and designer carpet companies finish custom area rugs by binding the edges. Serging the edges is a requested service for carpets and is not how rugs are commonly bound.

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